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Corporate Responsibility

For Apstream Corporate Responsibility means creating long-term value for business, employees , clients and the communities in which we operate by delivering sustainable business growth and building a great reputation.

The three key objectives driving our Corporate Responsibility strategy to help achieve this goal are to:

  • make balanced decisions;
  • build trust amongst our employees, customers and other key stakeholders; and
  • enhance our reputation.

To achieve these objectives we need to understand the direct and indirect impacts, both positive and negative, that are created by our operations, products and services.
We also need to be able to identify business opportunities to meet the needs of our employees, customers and other stakeholders in the future.

This will lead to better decisions and improved business performance.
We will improve business performance by:

  • make balanced decisions;
  • balancing consideration for short and long-term interests;
  • creating and delivering products and services that meet the changing needs of customers and society;
  • attracting and retaining a diverse, skilled and motivated group of employees;
  • managing risks effectively;
  • lowering costs through business and resource efficiency and minimising waste;
  • building and maintaining trust and support of our customers, stakeholders and communities in which we operate;

We will build a customer-focused and open and honest culture by:

  • living by our corporate principles and behaviours; and
  • complying with legislation, external and internal standards and policies.