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Portable Streaming Units

Niagara GoStream™ and GoStream Plus

The Niagara GoStream and GoStream Plus are portable streaming encoding units, designed for the most novice of users to make capturing and streaming video uncomplicated. GoStream and GoStream Plus feature three EZStream® buttons, which allow users to select from pre-defined encoding profiles. With a portable, streamlined chassis design, intuitive front panel, and EASE control menus, streaming set-up is quick and easy. Pre-defined encoding profiles allow streaming to begin simply with the push of a button.

The power of the GoStream Plus platform allows users to encode multiple formats and resolutions simultaneously. It also features full D1 compression, and allows users to export files to storage devices and view video on a handheld device such as an Apple iPod® or Creative's Zen™ video players via a device dock on the front panel. USB ports allow easy installation of software upgrades, encoding profiles and for transferring archive files.

Full portability and mobility can be achieved with wireless and battery options that create a system that can be used anywhere there is a wireless network. This portable unit gives the user the flexibility to be mobile, but with the optional Dual Dock it has the power of a rack-mount unit.

  • Full portability and mobility can be achieved with wireless and battery options that create a system that can  be used anywhere a wireless network is available
  • Advanced setup and profiles allow experienced users to customize the configurations
  • EASE Menus allow basic encode/setup from the front panel interface
  • USB ports allow easy installation of software upgrades, encoding of profiles, and transfer of archive files
  • Client management software and Web-based encoder configuration is included
  • Video Input: Composite (BNC connector  and includes an RCA adapter), S-Video
  • Audio Input: Unbalanced stereo (2 x  RCA), Balanced stereo (2 x XLR)
  • 2 USB ports (one on the front panel and  one on the rear panel)
  • 2 Ethernet network ports
  • iPod®/Zen™ mobile video device dock  on the front panel (requires optional  adapter)
  • Video encoding formats supported:  Windows Media®, RealVideo®, MPEG-4, and  Flash®
  • 14 VDC input for battery connectivity  (Anton/Bauer digital dionic battery recommended)