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apStream provide a full streaming service and can also supply hardware, which may be required for streaming.

To live video stream the video cards required are:

Osprey-700 HD
high-definition video capture card.
Osprey 230e Osprey 100

By utilizing the high-speed PCI Express bus, the Osprey-700 HD provides the bandwidth required for high-resolution video capture in applications for a wide range of HD resolutions including 1080i (60/59.94/50 Hz) and 720p (60/50 Hz).

The Osprey-700 HD offers HD-SDI/SD-SDI video input with two embedded SDI audio channels. Future driver release will upgrade the Osprey-700 HD audio capabilities to 16 embedded SDI audio channels or eight stereo pairs. It supports extraction of vertical blanking interval (VBI) data for closed captioning and teletext applications.

The Osprey-700 HD card includes the new Osprey Aviator encoder management software which features audio processor and video pre-processing tools such as audio dynamic range compressor, graphic equalizer, advanced video de-interlacing, vector scope and waveform monitor. The Osprey-700 HD is compatible with Osprey Digital SimulStream® to allow the output of multiple streams from a single channel input to multiple applications.

With the capability to meet all video resolution needs from HD to SD, the Osprey-700 HD is an excellent choice for broadcasters, content owners and content aggregators needing to re-purpose high-definition and standard definition content for IP video distribution and video-on-demand applications as well as ingesting HD/SD video for archiving and/or transcoding workflows.

The Osprey-230 is designed for today's high performance systems, delivering professional-level features and functionality, such as PCI-X compatibility, for best-quality streaming results.

Plus it's low profile configuration allows for greater usability in small form factor computers, making it the ideal solution for rack-mount encoding farms, custom enclosures, and other form factor constrained environments.

The Osprey-230 ships with a breakout cable for video and audio inputs.

There are several other breakout options available for the Osprey-230 to meet your specific work environment requirements which are a breakout box and a breakout rack panel.

Osprey-100. This entry-level, video-only capture card can be found in nearly every corporate and professional streaming video production facility in the world. The Opsrey-100's low-cost and performance have enabled many companies to launch Internet video products and services.

Use it with the latest streaming tools!

An Osprey-100 board is included with every copy of RealNetworks® Streaming Media Starter Kit, and is also bundled as part of their RealMedia Creation Kit. The Osprey-100 also allows for Windows Media® encoding along with capture into other popular software packages.

Extraction of Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) Data: Closed Captioning, Teletext
PCIe-compatible (1x)
Osprey SimulStream® Ready
Video Processing Applications:
Bob, Weave and Adaptive Deinterlace
Spatial Downsampling
Temporal Downsampling
RGB, YUV Format Conversion
Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Gamma
Windows XP®, Windows® 2003 and Windows Vista

Video/Audio Input/Output: Composite (BNC)
Video Signal:  SDI Standard Definition and High-Definition
Audio Signal:  Embedded SDI Audio   (4 Channels or 2 Stereo Pair)
Video Input Formats   NTSC
  HD 720P 60
  HD 720P 59.94
  HD 1080I 60
  HD 1080I 59.94
  HD 1080I 50

Cascable architecture allows for multiple Osprey-230s per chassis
Advanced DMA for ultra-high performance (full 30 fps)
Hardware audio gain control
Closed Caption extraction
AVI or extended AVI capture for use with the most popular 3rd party editing and streaming software applications
Hardware Cropping and Bitmap Overlay
PCI-X compatible
Audio Loop-back
Osprey® SimulStream® Ready
Video Input: Composite (BNC), S-Video
Audio Input: Balanced stereo (2 x XLR), Unbalanced stereo (2 x RCA)
Audio Output: Unbalanced stereo line level (3.5 mm)
Low-Profile Design Board (includes low-profile bracket, not pictured)
64-bit PCI Interface
32-bit/33-MHz PCI Compatible
3.3-V PCI 2.3 compliant
Windows® Server 2003, Windows XP and Linux support

Closed Caption
PAL and NTSC supported video formats
Image overlay
Supports Video for Windows® APIs and OPI (Osprey® Programming Interface)
Multiple cards can be used simultaneously in a single system
Captures full frame video at 30 frames per second
Recommended by Microsoft and RealNetworks
Windows 2000 and Windows XP