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TV commercials have established their worth in the distribution of marketing messages. In a similar vein the use of streaming is gaining rapid acceptance as an adjunct to traditional marketing delivery mechanisms. Its usefulness is enhanced by the opportunity to drive the target customer to a website in a "call to action" while they are at a computer terminal. This "call to action" may include competitions, surveys and sales of merchandise.

The apStream solution provides detailed statistics to the marketer which supports fine tuning the campaign and also provides a measure of the effectiveness of their message.

Streaming Solutions for Marketing  

- Online streamed product demonstrations

- Stream portions of events eg sporting, theatre, concerts

- Product releases for press and media

- Increase use of TVC content by streaming


Streaming advantages for Marketing  

- Customise and personalise content to viewer

- Rapid addition/removal of content

- Measure audience through statistics and logs

- Open to a much broader audienceLower cost to reach a wider audience