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The use of videos has already found wide spread use within the field of education and training. Internet streaming of video content presents an excellent delivery platform for training and can be applied to business, government, academic and technical skills requirements. Integration of streamed instruction with online testing and other support materials provides a highly versatile self paced learning environment.


Streaming Solutions for Training 

- Training material streamed direct to the trainee’s workstation

- Training modules linked to assessment tools to track progress

 - Online chat access to expert trainer for assistance

- Users can undertake training at their own pace

- Content can be combination of audio, video and animation


Streaming advantages for Training  

- Provide education/ training to geographically dispersed users

- Users are able to undertake training at their own pace

- Modules can be repeated until trainee assimilates knowledge

- Supports asynchronous training where individuals undertake training as needed

- Removes overhead of class resources, trainers, travel and coordination to schedule courses

- Efficient use of training budget to provide more courses and reduce overheads